Anonymous: "the more fat the warmer!" lmao you are definitely my favourite person on this site!

It’s important to stay warm in cold waters! Thank you!! ( ˘ ³˘)

Anonymous: There are no such thing as fat mermaids and all mermaids are breathtakingly beautiful so stop trying to make other people that don't live up to those standards feel better about it.

Wow wow wow wow!! Okay first if all ms/mr ignoramus, did you know back in the old days sailors used to confuse walruses for mermaids? The more fat the warmer!! Second of all, have you seen the creatures that live deep in the ocean?! Yeah, they’re not “breathtakingly beautiful” they look like they came from the depths of hell. Last of all, if you follow me please unfollow me right now because I do NOT want such a sad pathetic ignorant person as one of my followers.

Anonymous: do mermaids only have blue eyes?

No. I have light brown eyes lol

Don’t you dare let anyone tell you you can’t be a mermaid either because you’re “too fat” “too ugly” “only girls can be mermaids” “it’s childish”. Fuck what anyone thinks!! If you wanna be a mermaid/merman then you go right ahead. Slip in whatever you have for a tail & flop it around! You’re all fucking beautiful & you all better think you’re beautiful mermaids/mermen!!!!!