Disneyland mermaids in the 1960s
Anonymous: Is mermaid a real creature?

Well personally, I believe mermaids are real creatures. They’re probably swimming out there in the deepest parts of the unknown.


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Anonymous: if you were a mermaid would you keep it a secret or would you want people to know?

Secret!!! I don’t wanna be dissected!


Steampunk Mermaid Fantasy by JessicaJazzman

PAT3 2013 by Daniel-Louise
Splash (1984) Behind the Scenes
Anonymous: if you had the chance to become a mermaid how would you want to look like? what i mean by that is what colour tail and what kind of bra? idk i'm just curious (:

Hmmm…that’s a very interesting question. For my tail I would¬†definitely¬†want Mermaid Melissa’s signature blue tail and I wouldn’t need a bra because my entire body would be covered in beautiful shiny shimmering scales (like the mermaids in the last pirate’s film) and I’d like gills on my neck, and webbed hands!! Omg that would be the dream!